Best Herb Growing Kits for the Kitchen Review



If you just want to know what most people thought was the best kitchen herb garden
Back to the Roots
most buyers preferred the Back to the Roots Water Garden. This is because this kitchen herb garden kit is relatively inexpensive while at the same time being well-suited for both beginners and more experienced kitchen herb-growing enthusiasts.
You can check for yourself what customers are saying about it here.

Best Herb Growing Kits for the Kitchen - Comparison Table

 Nature's BlossomYou have to waterIncluded5*
 Planter's ChoiceYou have to waterIncluded4*
 Window GardenYou have to waterIncluded3**
 AeroGrowSelf-WateringN/A Grows in water3**
 AeroGrowSelf-WateringN/A Grows in water9****
 Back to the RootsSelf-WateringN/A Grows in water2****
 Window GardenSelf-WateringIncluded0***

What are the different types of herb growing kits for the kitchen

With all the different types of herb growing kits for the kitchen currently available, navigating the herb kit jungle (pun totally intended) might at times seem almost impossible; do I get a big kit with an LED lamp? a small one with just a few of my favorite herbs? a comprehensive hydroponics system with a cute fish that can keep me company while I’m cooking? you get the point.

I decided to write this article because there’s so much to choose from out there, and I myself had a hard time figuring out which type of herb growing kit I wanted in my own kitchen a few years ago, when I was looking for my first herb growing kit.
In this, I’m going to try to explain what makes each different kit special, so you might have an easier time figuring out which herb growing kit is the right one for you.

Different Types of Herb Growing Kits for the Kitchen - The Review

First up, let’s make one thing clear; this herb growing kit is for your kitchen, which generally means that your space is limited - you won’t be able to plant rows and rows of herbs, as you would outside. Because of this you want something that’s compact enough to either sit in your windowsill or somewhere else, off to the side; you don’t want a giant herb garden in the middle of your kitchen counter, simply because you need that space for other things. That’s why I’ve prioritized smaller kits/systems, because I know how important it is to be space conscious, when it comes to growing your own herbs in your kitchen.

Types of Kits
There are three types of kits that tend to be more popular than others; neither type is better or worse than the other, it simply comes down to personal preference.

‘Normal’ Herb Growing Kits: I didn’t know what else to call these, but basically these are the most straightforward types of kits you can get; you usually get 3-4 pots, 3-4 soil pods which you activate with water, some seeds and some signs, so you can tell what you have planted in in each pot.
These kits will usually cost you around $40, with some being more or less expensive depending on the herb seeds included as well as the contents of the box.

This kind of herb growing kit for the kitchen is great for people who want an easy and quick setup and who just want to go down the traditional route of watering, pruning and otherwise tending to their plant babies in the normal way.
If you require an extremely hands-free approach to your herb growing adventure, then this type of herb growing kit most likely isn’t for you.

Recommended types of ‘Normal’ Herb growing kits for the kitchen:

Grow 5 Herbs From Organic Seeds with Nature's Blossom Herb Garden Starter Kit

Grow 5 Herbs from Organic Seeds
This kit from Nature’s Blossom is a great herb growing starter kit. You get 5 different types of organic herb seeds (Basil, Thyme, Parsley, Sage, Cilantro), 5 biodegradable pots, 5 compressed soil discs and 5 signs. You also get an instruction booklet, so you know what to do.
This kit is really easy to use, but be sure to read the instructions before you start, as some of the seeds need to be soaked in water for 24 hours before you plant them. These can be used both indoor and outdoor, and the little pots don’t take up too much space which makes it the perfect herb growing kit for the kitchen or windowsill.
[Grow 5 Herbs Starter Kit on Amazon]

Planters' Choice Organic Herb Growing Kit

Planters' Choice Organic Herb Growing Kit
Planter’s Choice is another great producer of cute, kitchen herb kits. This kit is another ‘normal’ type kit which comes with 4 types of seeds (Basil, Parsley, Chives, Cilantro), 4 biodegradable peat pots, 4 expanding soil discs and 4 seed markers, so you know what you have planted where. This kit also comes with an instruction manual as well as a herb grinder which you can use once your little plant babies have started growing.

This is another super simple kit, just follow the instructions and you’re good to go. Once the plants have started growing you can repot them, if you wish to use ‘normal’ pots, later on.
[Planters' Choice Organic Herb Growing Kit on Amazon]

Window Garden Rustic Charm Herb Trio Kit

Window Garden Rustic Charm Herb Trio Kit
Another cute kit, this time from Window Garden.. The name alone kinda already let’s you know what you’re in for, doesn’t it?
In this set you get 3 kinds of seeds (Chives, Basil, Sage) , planters, seed markers, soil… the usual. However, there are a few special things to note about this kit; first off, it comes with germination bags which you place over the pots during the germination process, in order to make your seeds sprout better. Secondly, the included pots (planters) have a super cute, attractive rustic design, which looks really good in and of itself.
The included markers are made of slate with soapstone, which adds additional charm.
Overall, this product is a bit more high-end than the aforementioned two, and thus costs a bit more too.
I’m not sure if the herbs end up tasting any differently, but if you’re looking for something that will look cute and decorative in your kitchen, then this kit might just be the one for you!
[Window Garden Rustic Charm Herb Trio Kit on Amazon]

Hi-tech water based herb growing kits
Again, not sure what to call these, but they sure look fancy to me. Most of these kits have the plants grow in water rather than soil. On top of that (pun kinda intended), there’s a LED lamp attached to the growing basin, which allows the plants to maximize their photosynthesis which makes them grow faster and more abundantly.

AeroGarden Sprout LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

AeroGarden Sprout LED
AeroGrow is one of the most popular brands for this type of herb growing kit. Most of their kits come with the ‘unit’ itself as well as a few bags of seeds.
The AeroGarden Sprout LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit can grow 3 different types of plants at a time, and thus comes with 3 different types of seeds (Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, and Dill)
This AeroGarden is super easy to set up and get started with. You just add the seed pot in your garden (the device), add water and nutrients and that’s it. The rest will take care of itself.
One thing to note though is its size. The light has to always be on, which makes it take up more space than ‘normal’ herb pots. The 3-herb model is the smallest AeroGarden device of the bunch, so if you don’t have an infinite amount of space, then you might want to measure your windowsill before you purchase this kit. If, however, space is not a problem, then this kit is absolutely amazing, because of its simplicity and easy, hands-free application.
All in all, if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, but still want to cultivate a little herb garden, then this kit is probably for you!
[AeroGarden Sprout LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit on Amazon]

AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed
The Rolls Royce of AeroGarden herb growing kits. This kit works the same as the one mentioned above, it’s just a lot bigger and fancier. The LED lamp is bigger and outputs more WATT than the smaller model, which is necessary due to the AeroGarden Bounty’s ability to grow up to 9!!! Pods at a time. The lamp is extendable too, so you can move it upwards as your plant babies grow and require more space.

The seeds included are: Genovese Basil (x2), Thai Basil, Curly Parsley, Italian Parsley, Thyme, Chives Dill and Mint. You also get 3 oz. liquid plant food, to ensure that your plant babies get the proper nutrition right from the get-go! It also comes with a touch-screen which tells you when it’s time to add water or plant food.
This kit is great if you know that you’re going to grow a lot of herbs, if space isn’t too much of an issue and if you want a pretty much hands-free gardening experience, where the herbs mostly just take care of themselves, and where you don’t have to worry about doing anything wrong, as the touch screen will guide you through the entire herb growing process.
Since this kit is on the pricier side, you can check out the Amazon reviews before deciding whether you want to get this model or a simpler one.
[AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit on Amazon]

Back to the Roots Water Garden

Back to the Roots Water Garden
Another type of herb growing kit for the garden is the AquaPonic; a cute mini-ecosystem where you grow your plants on top, and keep a little pet fish below, in the water tank. The way it works is by having the Betta fish fertilize the plants while at the same time the plants filter and clean the water for the fish.

In this particular model you get a 3 gallon fish tank and 2 different types of seeds; organic wheatgrass and radish sprout, the perfect combination to get your started. It also comes with a coupon for a betta fish, however the coupon is only valid for the cheapest kind, so if you want a more expensive fish, then you’ll have to pay extra for that.. That being said however, if you’re willing to spend close to a 100 dollars for an aquaponics tank, you probably mind spending 2-3 bucks more, in order to get your perfect dream fish.

All in all, this little eco-system is the perfect solution for people who want to grow herbs and keep a fish at the same time. Alternately, if you don’t want to grow herbs but still want a decorative fish-tank, then you can also plant bamboo or other water plants in the tray above, and turn it into more of a flower-decoration fishtank and less of a kitchen herb kit.
All in all, despite its complex appearance, this herb growing kit for the kitchen it super simple to set up and maintain, which makes it perfect for people who desire something low-maintenance that still looks great!
[Back to the Roots Water Garden on Amazon]

The combination herb growing kit for the kitchen
Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter (7”) + Fiber Soil = Foolproof Indoor Home Garden

Sort of a combination of the above two models. In this instance you have a passive hydroponic planter (as stated in the name). What this means is that you get a self-watering planter, but that the plants still grow in soil.

In my opinion, this is only KIND OF a herb growing kit for the kitchen, as seeds are not included in the package… this makes makes it more of a general plant kit and less of a herb growing kit, in my opinion.. But since a lot of people love to use these kind of self watering planters for growing herbs in their kitchen, I decided to include it in my list anyway.
This planter comes with 2 quarts of fiber soil, which you “activate” using water, after which you’re ready to grow your plants.
Since no seeds are included, you’re free to get whatever you like… a lot of people had great success with growing basil, oregano and mint.

All in all this is a great solution for people who often forget their plants (because of its self-watering characteristics), as well as for beginners who don’t want to spend too much time setting up the system but who also don’t want to risk spending several hundred dollars on a herb growing kit, only to find that they don’t like keeping plants at all.
So if you’re just looking to get started growing your own herbs, then this is probably for you!
[Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter + Fiber Soil on Amazon]

Conclusion - Which one should I get?

Traditional Herb Garden Kit
With so many different options, it might be hard to figure out which one to get.
If you want the ‘traditional’ planting experience (that means soil and regular watering etc) then I would recommend either the Nature's Blossom or the Window Garden Kit. Why those two? Nature’s Blossom comes with 5 types of herbs, and the Window Garden kit comes with those adorable pots… so either you go for herb quantity, or for something that will look cute in the window sill.

Hands-Free Herb Garden Kit
For the more “hands-free” options I would recommend either the AeroGarden Sprout LED KIT or the Back to Roots (aquaponics) kit. The AeroGarden doesn’t have a fish and it made specifically for growing herbs. The larger model is even better, however the price is a bit high for a beginner, so I would only get that if I were certain that I was in it for the long haul. The Back to Roots kit is just adorable. I love Betta fish, so that would be the main selling point for me - the fish… So if you’re serious about growing herbs, but wants a hands free approach, then pick the AeroGarden (small or big depending on your level of expertise), and if you want more of a FUN experience, then pick the aquaponics kit and get a cute Betta fish friend while you’re at it!

I hope this review was helpful - I personally love growing herbs and using them for my culinary adventure, and I’m sure you do too (or will in the future, in case this is your first herb growing kit).