Best Air Plant Wall Holders and Containers

If you just want a quick answer; most buyers preferred the LANMU Air Plants Pots. This is because they are easy to hang up while at the same time looking a lot more expensive than they really are.
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Air Plant Wall Holders

In this review we are going to review some of the cutest air plant wall holders currently on the market.

Air plants are all the rage at the moment - they’re small, cute and require very little maintenance - all in all the perfect plant if you want to liven up your space a little, without committing too much to the plant-world.

So, once you’ve decided to embark on the airplant journey, the next step (apart from getting the plant itself) is to get a cute holder for your new plant baby. There are a few different kinds, ranging from more or less normal flower pots, to geometric holders, made from nothing but wire.
Below are 5 of our favorite air plant wall holders

Hanging Vase - LANMU Air Plants Pots

Number one is this geometric air plant wall holder. It comes with a ceramic “pot” which holds the air plant, and a decorative geometric holder which you mount on the wall.
What makes this wall holder great is that it comes with everything you need to set it up - the “pot”, the metal frame and the screws and bolts needed to mount it on the wall. The quality is good than they’re small and cute - perfect for narrow spaces! There are two different sizes available, so if you want to mix it up a bit, you can do that too.
[Hanging Vase - LANMU Air Plants Pots]


Pack of 6 Glass Planters Wall Hanging Planter

These clear glass air plant wall holders are super cute as well. The plants you see in the picture grow in water, however that’s not necessary for air plants, which makes keeping air plants in glass orbs super convenient. Instead of water, you can fill the bottom with colored sand, which almost looks better than water anyway!
These air plant glass orbs have a small hole in the back and come with a white hook, which makes them easy and quick to install anywhere! This set of wall mounted air plant containers comes with 6 pots, which on top of its cute design also makes it great value for money.
[Pack of 6 Glass Planters Wall Hanging Planter]


Metallic Copper-Tone Ceramic 4 Inch Hanging Planters, Set of 3

Another set of super cute air plant wall hangers is this set of three copper pots! These little guys are bound to brighten up any room. They’re lightweight and easy to hang on a hook or nail. The back of the planter pot is flat, so it actually sits properly against your wall.
The string is black but can be replaced with twine or string of another color, if that fits your decor better!
These little pots aren’t as small as some of the other ones covered in this article (they’re still small, though), so be sure to measure your space first, to make sure everything fits the way it’s supposed to. For the record, they’re 4.7 tall by 3.9 Wide (the diameter).
[Metallic Copper-Tone Ceramic 4 Inch Hanging Planters, Set of 3]


Modern Hanging Planter Vase, Geometric Wall Decor Container

This modern hanging planter pot is perfect for a variety of plants, among others air plants. The design is sleek and simple, a geometrically shaped pot which is mounted in a brass plated iron holder. This is a great little inexpensive planter - add your own air plant and it’ll instantly bring the living room together. The pack includes the pot, the metal holder as well as hardware for hanging it on your wall.
[Modern Hanging Planter Vase, Geometric Wall Decor Container]


Rustic Wall Mount Hanging Irregular Pentagon Geometric Metal Tillandsia Air Plants Holder

This is by far the simplest out of all of the wall mounted air plant containers in this article. But that doesn’t make it any less stylish than the others; what you get here is a geometric, diamond shaped wall hanger, in either black, gold or “pink” (it’s really rose gold, but the description on amazon lists it as pink..). Because air plants don’t require their roots to be submerged in neither soil or water, you simply hang this holder on your wall, pop in your plant baby and you’re good to go! Super simple!
One tip, when watering (misting) your air plant, you might want to take it out of the holder, as it might otherwise rust over time, due to the bi-weekly misting.
[Rustic Wall Mount Air Plants Holder]


All in all, hanging an air plant (or 10) on your wall is a great way to instantly bring a room together as well as liven up a “dead space”. Most of the air plant wall holders are inexpensive, which make makes them great for those who are just starting out and who aren’t completely sure whether keeping air plants is really for them.

Best Air Plant Wall Holders and Containers - Comparison Table

ImageBrandMaterialHolders IncludedMounting Equipment IncludedPrice
 LanmuMetal and Ceramic2Yes**
 MyGiftCopper toned Metal3Not Included*
 PurzestCeramics and Brass plated iron1Not Included*
 NCYPGold plated Iron1Not Included*